Combined face tracking and speech recognition (Intel research)

Here is a rather neat demo of the advantage of tracking a face whilst performing speech recognition – if the user is looking at the computer then the computer knows to listen. This is common sense to a human but for a computer with just a microphone input it has to listen to everything, not just the things that are directed towards it.

The face tracking technology (SeeingMachines faceAPI) is also very nice – it tracks faces when they turn a long way away from the camera (at 0:30). The speakers states that the speech recognition tool is Microsoft’s default for Win Vista/7.

The query template appears to be “Search X for Y please”, the Search, For and Please all need to be present for the search to trigger.

A goal of the research seems to be to sell more Intel many-core CPUs – the point is made that face tracking and speech recognition are parallelisable tasks which work well across several cores.

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