All efforts to our new StrongSteam AI/Data mining service

Clearly there have been no new posts here for quite a while – I’ve switched my focus on to another AI project which includes financial backing.

As of late 2011 I started work on StrongSteam with my co-founder of ShowMeDo (Kyran Dale). We’re building a web based API that makes it easy to find things in images – things like text, objects and people. Our first APIs will focus on text and object matching.

All going well I’ll be demonstrating some of these ideas at PyCon 2012 in Santa Clara and our first iPhone app is in production, slated for release in April. The iPhone app will read Latin plant labels at botanical gardens and give you information from WikiPedia, GeoSpecies and BBC:Wildlife along with pictures and maybe video. We want to expand this app to work at museums too.

I’ll do another post here once we’re live at StrongSteam and then this Cookbook will enter maintenance mode.

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