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All efforts to our new StrongSteam AI/Data mining service

Clearly there have been no new posts here for quite a while – I’ve switched my focus on to another AI project which includes financial backing. As of late 2011 I started work on StrongSteam with my co-founder of ShowMeDo (Kyran Dale). We’re building a web based API that makes it easy to find things […]

Review for Python Text Processing with NLTK 2.0 Cookbook (Packt, 2010)

On my personal site I have a full review for Packt’s new Python Text Processing with NLTK 2.0 Cookbook (Packt, 2010). NLTK is the excellent Natural Language Toolkit. The book is a cookbook with a huge set of recipes for NLTK. It makes for a great companion for the original O’Reilly NLTK book. Rather than […]

pyOpenCV demo (face detection with Python)

When I first played with openCV I had no idea how good the facial detection would be, or how fast it might run on my MacBook. I’m recording this demo so you’ll know what to expect… pyOpenCV is the Python binding to the open source openCV (originally created by Intel for vision research). It comes […]

Optical Character Recognition webservice work-in-progress

This is a quick progress report on my webservice for optical character recognition using the open source Tesseract engine. This builds on my post a month back ‘Tesseract OCR to read plaques‘. The immediate goal is to let the OpenPlaques folk have an automatic service which machine-reads English Heritage Plaques (blue plaques – very common […]

Combined face tracking and speech recognition (Intel research)

Here is a rather neat demo of the advantage of tracking a face whilst performing speech recognition – if the user is looking at the computer then the computer knows to listen. This is common sense to a human but for a computer with just a microphone input it has to listen to everything, not […]

Open Allure DS conversational interface (using Python)

Back at Christmas I was speaking to John Graves about his Open Allure DS PhD project – a conversational interface written in Python. The project has moved wonderfully forward over the past few months, I’ll summarise some of the features of Open Allure here. Sidenote – if you prefer podcasts then John was recently interviewed […]

New logo uses OCR-A

Here’s the new logo for the wiki: This uses the OCR A font, designed in 1968 to allow both machines and humans to read text (available by free download). An OCR B was released in Europe at the same time which is easier for humans to read but I didn’t think it was as pretty […]

Installing openCV 2.1 with Python bindings on Mac Leopard

I had a tricky time installing openCV 2.1 on my 10.5 Mac (Leopard) recently, the build instructions aren’t brilliant in the wiki. Here are my notes. I used the Mac notes as a guide and followed the new-style CMake system to build from scratch. I made sure during ‘cmake -G’ that new-style Python support was […]

Google Group created for the A.I. Cookbook

I’ve just setup the A.I. Cookbook Google Group, the goal will be to bring like-minded souls together so we can chat about ways of making smarter software. If you came here from the original project description post (New project – a practical Artificial Intelligence Cookbook) on my blog then you’ll know what’s in store. Do […]

MS Robot tools now free, Robot Operating System open src

This is a quickie – Microsoft have revised the licensing terms for their Robotics Studio – rather than charging it is now free. Their goal is to capture the ‘soon to be huge’ world of robotics development in the same way that Windows dominated the operating system scene for over a decade (and, well, still […]